Oasis Adventure playground forest garden, Stockwell

The Oasis play venture is an amazing charity that has three sites around Larkhall road, Stockwell. These are a nature garden, an adventure playground and a go kart track.


They have been providing outdoor play and learning spaces for local children for the past 30 years.On a neglected south facing patch at the back of the adventure playground we have been given permission to plant a mixed fruit orchard. Ideally we would really like to plant a forest garden. We have already done alot of the clearance of the site and are working on some design plans, but we would really love some input from anyone with experience in forest gardening - ours is limited! If you can help us please get in touch, it would be much appreciated.

We work there every Saturday 11.00 til 1.00. Contact Kamlyn on 07968286081 if you want to help.

Website and more info here


Part of Transition Town Brixton (TTB) and Bring Land Into Production project (BLIP).




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