RTF at the COP 15 : text, pics, videos

Hi everyone,As our stay in Copenhagen is getting closer to its end, here is the firstreport we´ve made of the events we´ve gone through here, from our point ofview as Reclaim the Fields´ group.


The 11th:First day in Copenhagen. The Reclaim the Fields´ group met at the KlimatForum. We got to know each other. Glad to see the people again, those wehad met in France, and to welcome the new ones. We were about 25 personstaking part in that first meeting. The agenda for the morning: presentation and history of the movement,first contact game (names and questions by pairs), round of expectationsand non-violent actions´game. The soup kitchen is launched by the sweedish local group: Mykorrhiza. Homegrown vegetables and handing out of illegal seeds with information aboutit. Agenda for the afternoon: la Via Campesina´s conference at the KlimatForum. Within Reclaim the Fiels, discussion about the COP15 context andthe group´s political view. Presentation of the agenda of actions, as wellas the different movements (CJA, CJN, LVC?) Organization and taskssharing. The whole week, we had the chance to stay in a school (very warm placefortunately) in the southern part of the city, not faraway from downtown,with la Via Campesina.


The 12th:Day of the big demonstration and the block ?system change not climatechange?, in which took part Reclaim the Fields, together with La ViaCampesina. Walking through the streets of Copenhagen, from 1:00 to 6:00pm. Response of the police: massive preventive detentions. They cut the lastpart of the demonstration and took a whole block of people, withoutresponding to any criteria. Solidarity manifestation took place at night,in front of the detention center.


The 13th:Hit the Production day. We participated in the Via Campesina actionagainst the meat industry. Street theater about the pork industry and itsimpact on south peasants, in which Reclaim the Fields took part actively(young people were disguised in pigs locked in a cage). Then took place a spontaneous demonstration with the Samba Band, for aboutone or two hours, which ended at the Klimat Forum.


The 14th:No borders day. Just a few people of Reclaim the Fields participated inthat action, the rest of the group was preparing the action for the nextday and taking part in the meetings for the 16th. The 15th:Agriculture day. In the morning, about half of the group was helping inthe kitchen, while the other ones were making the banners and attendingthe meeting for the demonstration, which started at 12:00. The plan wasthat the demonstration was going to make a few stops in the places whereaction groups had planned something: supermarket, gas station, ministry ofagriculture? Unfortunately, the police prevented some actions from takingplace. The Reclaim the Fields´ action took place in front of the NETOsupermarket, distributing soup and homegrown vegetables to the people,explaining the importance of local agriculture (eat local= responsible,?)and denouncing the impacts of agroindustry and chain markets ( industrialagriculture fries the earth,?)


The 16th:Reclaim Power, the day everyone was waiting for. About 30 people ofReclaim the Fields participated in the Blue Block, which aimed to enterthe Bella Center to hold the People Assembly. The Danish police preventedthem from entering but they held the People Assembly with two thousandspeople, just outside the walls. The inside group, NGO´s delegates wantingto take part in the Assembly, got stopped by the UN Police and 150 peoplewere arrested. The people of RtF who didn´t participate in the Blue Block, took part inother groups actions, which were mainly aimed to distract the police: thebike block, the green block (about 200 arrested, part of the RtF affinitygroup ?salsifis? got arrested for about 12 hours) and the autonomous block(the RtF affinity group ?roquette? got arrested for about 10 hours) Debriefing of the day with la Via Campesina. A victory for two reasons:the People Assembly took place and the agreement was not going to bereached. Apart from that, the groups felt stronger and the policerepression was destroyed by the media the next day.written by Stéphanie. Please, for those who were here with us, completethe report and join pictures if you have some. Thanks and see you soon



Interview yann-marie belgian local TV -FR7.86 MB