Finance working group

A working group was formed during the preparation process of the camp with people involved in Ausgeco2hlt & Reclaim the Fields. This group made a budget plan; applied for some external funding (XminusY, Alert, Austrian university funding); is keeping administration; is responsible for bank account, transfers etc.; answers all your questions concerning money connected to these camps.



The organization of both camps and action days needs quite some investment in for example infrastructure (tents, toilets, showers, kitchen etc.), mobilization materials, materials for actions and workshops, first aid materials, interpretation materials, transport people & anti-repression. All people helping out with the organization are doing that on full voluntary base. If you have an idea to organize a solidarity event to collect money, please let us know!!!! Thanks to all off you that help us to make these camps possible!



We aim to keep financial aspects as transparent as possible and need to keep up with the administration to be able to report about this to funding organizations. We want to keep the camp accessible for all people that want to join, that means we try to keep prices very low. We want to communicate clearly what expenses were made and what is donated during the camp. At least we would like to get even with the costs made. If we might collect more then needed it will be used for the struggle in the Rhineland fields against lignite mining.


During camps: various donation boxes & soli-bar

There is no fee for attending the camps, but we ask donations for certain aspects in the camp via donation boxes. There will be boxes in the info tent for: food; anti-repression; interpretation; infrastructure; and transport refund (for participants as well as workshop facilitators in need of financial support for transport) . During lunch & dinner the box for food will be in the kitchen.

During the camp we will have people from the working group responsible for money issues. They will present themselves in the general camp meetings.


The idea is to start the camps with a clear overview on a board in the shape of a diagram that shows which expenses were made for which aspects of the camp. During the camps from time to time the working group will make a barometer which shows per donation box the level of money that got in and how much we still need.


There will be a soli-bar at the camp where drinks will be sold for cost-price (as cheap as possible), people can give extra donations. The bar should pay for it's own expenses. We also strive that the food pot will pay for all food costs. The other pots might be enough or in case of shortages be supported by money we get from funding and soli-actions. If pots have extras: we can decide to add it to anti-repression or compensate short comings in other pots.


VISA & transport refund

There is a bit of money to pay for VISA's of people if they need them. We agreed that we like to refund VISA for 100%. If your financial situation is difficult there might be a way to help you with travel expenses. There is a bit of money already reserved for these costs and we can collect money during the camp in a donation pot for this. Requests for VISA & transport refund can be send to the contact persons for the finance group via the email address of the finance working group.

Try to send your request before 31 July.


Contact us: contactfinance2013 [at]