Call for participants / Invitation

                                 14-18. July, 2010.                              Zirc, Akli major, Hungary If you imagine your future in an eco-village or you want to settle and docommunity farming or you are already doing this but you search for more people, join us in the first regional Reclaim the Fields camp in Hungarybetween 14 and 18 July, 2010. Let’s meet, let’s share experiences, let’s                    dream and plan our common way together!         We, the small Hungarian star of the Reclaim the Fields constellation, theEarthRise group, feel that the time has come to meet all of you who think similarlyto us. In our country, countless informal groups prove that there are more and morepeople who think that a radical change in our lifestyles is needed toovercome the present economic, social and ecological crisis . We thinkthat this change begins by re-establishing a direct relationship with theE/earth – where it ends, we do not know. But we do believe that by going to theland we can create autonomous communities which may form the basis of a human-scale co-existence with all creatures on Earth. This is not something new at all. Wedo know the intentions of the “Living Village Network” in Hungary, and otherinitiatives that stand for the same ideas. And we do know international examples suchas the Longo Mai Cooperatives which have concrete experiences in this field. Ourgroup feels itself close to initiatives that strive for an agriculture which integratesman’s body, soul and spirit into the whole of our beautiful planet. We strongly feelthat an ever stronger social basis is being born where we all walk along in the samedirection.        We thus kindly invite You, and everybody who is walking towards the samegoals in mind or in practice to join us in a camp between 14 and 18 July, 2010, inthe mountains of Bakony, Hungary. The gathering is going to be a small stepof a bigger spatial and temporal process: it is going to be the first regional gatheringof Reclaim the Fields and thus strives to strengthen the national processes of urbanexodus. The gathering is at the same time a creative process: at its core will be acreative intellectual workshop in the mornings. In the afternoons practicalworkshops are being held in topics such as bee keeping, cheese making,permaculture, “retextile”, medicinal plants, etc. In the evenings we will have inspirationalplenary sessions with some pioneers in the theme of community-based resourcesharing. Respecting the Earth, the spirit and the soul, we created a methodology (andstructure) for the camp that supports/enhances/fosters participation.The camp has no outer sponsorship, so all offerings, let them befinancial, material or spiritual, are warmly welcome. The more we puttogether the more possibility we can have in the camp. Therefore we have to ask for afixed contribution, which will cover the meals, the accommodation and the program.Please     register     yourself      directly   by    sending     us    an   e-mail     to:foldkelte [at] yahoo [dot] com until the 30 of June. The camp fee is 30 euros for the 4 days and we encourage that you come for the full time. If you do not stay for theentire camp, it costs 10 euros per day.You will soon find all the details in English on our blog:www.foldkelte.wordpress.comCome and join us! Let’s cultivate our spirit and land together!the EarthRise group,June, 2010

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