RTF 2011 Camp Program: The Program of the camp is going to be and open process, which welcomes all of you to take part in it. On the first day of the camp we want to have an open session with all the people who participate in the camp, to put together the program in a collective process.


There are basic tasks everybody benefits from and is asked to take part in as well. These will include, cooking, cleaning, child-care (!), as well as building up the camp and cleaning up after the camp has finished.


This list (clic here) is just ideas and propositions made by people who want to hold workshops at the camp or ideas about what activities we might want to have during the camp. The list still waits for your contribution! So bring your ideas to the camp! Please help us to make the programme rich of contents and activities.

If you want to hold a workshop and need materials, please fulfill the list and get in touch with the organizing team in advance. You can reach us at program [at] reclaimthefields [dot] org

Some of the propositions for the programme so far: Cheese Making with local peasants, Rhythms of Resistance, What is PEDAL? And an account of the PEDAL tour, Storytelling for Resistance, farm work with local peasants, Facilitation Skills for groups of any size, Stupid projects and great resistances-occupations de terres contre l'expansion du capitalisme,What are the limits to Autonomy in the alternatif project of life when we are trying to get rid of state institution? ZAD antiaeroport resistance presentation, Catalonia rural community projetc presentation, discussion of the project Beyond Our Backyard, Seeds and seed-swap, Access to Land, Brewing spirits with local peasants, Cooking, baking bread, camp fire stories, introduction to Reclaim the Fields and the Save Rosia Montana Campaign, Queering agriculture, Consensus-decision-making, Music, Tours through Rosia Montana and the surrounding Area .................... and a lot more!