Reclaim the Fields, a quick view on the evolution since 2007




**June 2007, anti-G8 mobilisation in Rostock, Germany.**


1st youth assembly on access to land and farming. About 80
people come for a two-hours discussion mainly on obstacles to start a
farm in our different European contexts.

From there, some young members of peasant organisations(POs) decide
to start a "youth process" inside the European Coordination Vía
Campesina (ECVC).



**November 2007, Meeting in the Basque Country hosted by the PO EHNE.**


About 10 people sent by peasant organisations from different
European countries join and decide to organize a youth camp the next





**September 2008, « Farming a cool future » camp in Sweden at
Holma farm co-organized by the youth of ECVC and Young Friends of the
Earth Europe, in parallel to European Social Forum.

The camp, gathering some 150 people, is focused on practical
alternatives, like creating a consumer-producer cooperative, producing
cheese, agroforestry, etc. Strong enthusiasm to go further together.
Part of the people who want to join are not member of POs. We decide
that it should not be an obstacle.  -> Link fotos



**October 2008, 5th Vía Campesina international conference in Mozambique.**

A third of the delegates have to be young people. A good group of
Europeans join the Youth Assembly, including people who are not member
of ECVC organizations. At the international level, it is decided to
organise a youth gathering in 2009 in Spain. -> Link Via Campesina



**November 2008, meeting in Belgium with about 15 people.**

Decision to take the name « Reclaim the Fields, Young Europeans
walking with Vía Campesina ». We define « Who we are ». We decide to
organise a European camp in 2009 linked to the international Vía
Campesina gathering in Spain





Between Holma camp and Cravirola camp, three « local » groups are created in Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium.


**October 2009, « Reclaim the Fields » camp in Cravirola, France.**

About 400 people join the camp from a great diversity of European
countries. There are many workshops on starting a farm, access to land,
alternative agricultural practices, collective dynamics, etc. There is
a great will to continue with RtF. -> Link Fotos -> Link

Following the camp in Cravirola, new dynamics are born in several
places in France, Norway and Hungary. There is also a strong interest
in Germany and Spain. Some networks also show an interest for RtF, for
example the network of cooperative farms "Longo Maï". -> Link ?Longo



**December 2009, mobilisations in Copenhagen.**

Vía Campesina offers Reclaim the Fields to stay together in a school
and to take part jointly in mobilisations. About 50 people join. The
Swedish group "Mykhoryzza" organises a soup kitchen with vegetables
that they have grown during the whole year: great success. It's the
first time that we participate in a big mobilisation as "Reclaim the
Fields" and that Vía Campesina and Reclaim the Fields act together. On
the last day, everybody is very happy about how it went.  -> Link
fotos, videos, articles





**February 2010, meeting in Barcelona**

to work on internal functioning of the Reclaim the Fields « constellation ». -> Link Bulletin Nº1



**March 2010, direct action in Graz and Dijon!**


People identifying themselves with "Reclaim the Fields" participate in :

- A seeds forum in Graz-Austria

- A land occupation in Dijon, France -> Link article



**April 2010, The first Bulletin of RtF is published**

Including summaries of past events/assemblies, ideas for next
assembly and different articles regarding RtF and our struggle: great
feedback. -> Link Bulletin Nº1



**April 17th 2010, International day of peasant struggle,  Direct Action of RtF-Belgium against Monsanto**

The local RtF group in Belgium shows its solidarity with people all
around the world, remembereing the massacre in Eldorado dos Carajas in
Brazil in 1996 through changing the name of the "Monsanto Park" in
Brussels to "Eldorado dos Carajas 17th of April Park". The collective
changed the names on signs leading to the park, and posted information
about the action inside the park. Participants also planted organic
strawberry and tomato plants as well as other vegetable seeds. -> Link fotos, article



**Mai 2010, European Assembly in "Basta" near Berlin.**

About 30 people participate. Further decisions are taken, new
workgroups evolve and the "who we are" text is updated to its actual
content. -> Link Bulletin Nº2


**July 2010, Foeldkelte - Earth Rise Summer Camp - RtF Hungary**

About 120  people participate. Many practical workshops on
eco-villages, permaculture and other countless avtivities that are
useful in everyday close-to-nature life. The camp is enriched with
collective Yoga exercises in the morning and rounded off with delicious
raw food specialities. Talks with longtime active ecovilliagers and
hungarian living legend in the green movement "Gabor Karátson" gave
people an idea of the struggles and experiences of activists from more
then 50years ago up to now. The Camp was a big step forward for RtF and
the people in Hungary, giving strong impulses to everybody to stay on
our way of struggling for our dreams.  -> Link Invitation Call   -> Link article Bulletin Nº2



**September 2010, Bulletin Nº2 is out**

Similar content as in Nº1, summaries, articles, future-proposals etc.  but amplified. The growing constellation has more "output"… -> Link Bullein Nº2



**October/November 2010 European Assembly in "Wieserhoisl" near Graz, Austria.**

About 30 people participate. Very positive atmosphere, a connection
to the UK is established and the first concrete proposals for the
upcoming RtF camp (see also RtF-Camp in October 2009 in Cravirola) are
made  -> Link fotos


To be continued...