Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of young people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and reassume the control over food production.

We are determined to create alternatives to capitalism through cooperative, collective, autonomous, real needs oriented small scale production and initiatives, putting theory into practice and linking local practical action with global political struggles.

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Since 2007,

  • we organized several European camps attended by hundreds of enthusiasts,
  • participated in global mobilisations with La Vía Campesina,
  • took direct actions to fight for the land,
  • and held assemblies from Sweden to Catalonia and Hungary.

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A new definition of the word Peasant

Nowadays, there are people participating in Reclaim the Fields in Austria, Belgium, Catalonia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Suecia, Switzerland and several active local groups have been created with their own agenda. We want to break frontiers between professional farmers and self-consummers around the joint idea of collective re-appropriation of food production. We try to link urban gardens with peasant farming, consumers-producers initiatives with land squatters, etc.

We like to think of Reclaim the Fields as a constellation, giving visibility to the wide range of our struggles, showing that each piece of land we manage to take back, each seed we produce, etc. proves our persistence and stubbornness to start experiencing here and now the changes we propose for the whole society. Talking about stars is actually an invitation to go touch the ground, go back to the land, and get organised to contribute to tomorrow's social changes.

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Working Groups

  • farm network, to build a European network for practical and political training
  • seed exchange, to foment seed autonomy, biodivesity and fight against GMOs
  • website, to create digital tools to get organized online and bring our voice to the Net
  • carrots, to ensure continuity in our collective process
  • farm collectives, to promote and reflect on new collective ways of living and struggling from the countryside

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