Rencontre autour de l'accès au foncier, avec RTF "Bretagne"

Ramène Ta Fourche ( "groupe local du grand ouest" de RTF) et la bibliothèque de la Terre aux Pavés organisent 

un we de rencontres autour de l'accès au foncier

du 21 au 23 novembre dans le Morbihan.


Avec notamment au programme :

- vendredi 21 : un carnet de voyage conté à la rencontre des paysans du monde

- samedi 22 : une discussion autour de la situation des luttes pour la terre au Mexique

- dimanche 23 : On fait quoi maintenant ? une journée de discussions autour de l'accès au foncier dans nos coins, des actions à mener pour soutenir les copain-ine-s qui ont des problèmes, ...


possibilité d'hébergement dans les parages : contacter bretagne.rtf(at)


programme détaillé ci joint :



Bulletin n°8

Bulletin 8 janvier 2014

in this bulletin, you can find :

  • Who we are
  • Feedbacks from the Climat ant RTF Camp in Manheim
  • RTF processus analyses
  • RTF constellations news
  • a text about  CAP
  • the garbanzo song






For the printable versions, send an email to contact [at] reclaimthefields [dot] org






Reclaim the Fields and Actioncamp 2014 in Germany

9th. – 13th. of July 2014 in Sehlis/ Taucha near Leipzig/ Germany


Together with you we want to organize a diverse and resistant Camp against the B87n, a new highway, that is supposed to be built through one of the last remaining pieces of intact landscape in the north of Saxony. On top, the highway is supposed to cut through the fields of the cooperative “Rote Beete”, one of the three projects of community-supported-agriculture in Saxony. The Camp means to underline the longlasting local resistance against the B87n.

But it is not all just about one more highway. Instead, it is all about the use and the price of ever-more concrete, ever-faster cars, ever-more use of energy and ever-more effectivness and profit.

Special Bulletins

En este apartado podréis encontrar boletines especiales hechos por personas o grupos locales de Reclaim the Fields.

Dans cette rubrique vous pourrez retrouver des buletins specials fait par des personnes ou groupes locales de Reclaim the Fields.

In this section you can find special bulletins made ​​by individuals or local groups of Reclaim the Fields.


Feuille de choux n°3 - Bulletin de la constellation francophone (2017)

Voici en lien le bulletin francophone 2017 (feuille de choux n°3)

Au sommaire:

- Rencontres francophones RTF 2016 à Bure

- Pour une mise en culture de la constellation

Protokoll des RTF Treffens auf Burg Lutter

Dies ist nun endlich die fertige Version des Protokolls von unserem Treffen im Januar 2014 auf Burg Lutter. Zum Erinnern fuer alle die da waren und zum nachlesen fuer alle INteressierten, die nicht selber kommen konnten.

Sicher ist das Protokoll nicht komplett vollstaendig, und wir bitten um Entschuldigung sollten wir wichtige Sachen vergessen haben. Deswegen seht euch zur Vervollstaendigung doch auch die Fotos an, wo der Ablaufplan nochmal abfotografiert ist (werden demnaechst hochgeladen).

Auf ein ebensogutes naechtses Mal im Sommer!

Registration for RtF meeting 2014

Please register here for the RtF-meeting 2014 taking place from 13th to 16th of february in Mühle farm,  Nikitsch, Austria.

To register, fill the form in please

As we start on the 13th in the morning, try to arrive the day before if you can.

If you want to bring a workshop/presentation to the meeting, or if you have any question, please get in touch with!

How to get there ?

Bulletin nº7

The Reclaim the Fields bulletins aims at facilitating the information transmission between the stars of the constellation, sharing the latest news and the current state of the process amongst the people or collectives already involved and allowing new people to catch up and join us, having at disposition the necessary background texts and a history of the debates.

Bulletin nº7, February 2013

  • This bulletin
  • Who are we?

Process and Notes of RtF

  • News about Tools and working groups
  • Infokiosk RtF - Where are we going
  • Feedback Gathering Can Piella
  • CROAR - links - Somonte
  • Seeds Resistance

Central Theme: News from the Stars

  • Pillage in Greek Lands
  • FLEO Occupation - Avignon
  • Toma la Tierra
  • Moinho - Portugal

Articles from the Milky Way

  • The String Game
  • Popular Power and self-management
  • Create Renewables

Call outs

Reclaim the Fields – Treffen vom 30.01. – 02.02.2014 auf Burg Lutter

Vom 30.01.- 02.02.2014 möchten wir euch zum Reclaim the Fields Treffen im deutschsprachigen Raum einladen.

Das europäische Reclaim the Fields Camp fand dieses Jahr im Rheinland statt, um verstärkt einen Zusammenhang zwischen Kohleabbau und dessen Auswirkungen auf die Ernährungssouveränität aufzuzeigen. Darüber hinaus galt es die starken Zusammenhänge von Energie, Landwirtschaft und deren Auswirkungen auf den Klimawandel deutlich zu machen. Während des Camps fand sich eine Gruppe zusammen, die aktiv das Reclaim the Fields-Netzwerk im deutsprachigen Raum ausweiten und stärken möchte. Und dafür braucht es dich!

Da es bei dem Treffen vorrangig um Vernetzung und ein Kennenlernen gehen soll, werden folgende Fragen im Fokus stehen:

- Wer bist du und was verbindest du mit Reclaim the Fields?

- Welche Interessen, Erfahrungen und welches Wissen möchtest du mit uns teilen?

- Wer sind "wir", was wollen "wir"... und wo soll das Ganze hingehen? Und wie?


....."wer?" ....."wie?" ......"was?" ...."wieso?" ...."weshalb?" ......"warum?"

Wann: 30.01.2014 -- 02.02.2014

Actions Days in the Rhineland Coalfield, Day II – Demonstration and Coal Train Blockade

31/08/2013 Manheim. Second Day of the Actions Days in the Rhineland Coalfield. Around 300 activists are occupying the coal train tracks which is the main way to transport coal between the open-cast coal mine “Hambach” to the big power plants which emit 100 millions tons of CO2 per year. The action is happening in solidarity with the Climate and Reclaim the Fields Camp that is taking place from August 23 to September 6, 2013 in the Rhineland coalfield.


From Climate- to Reclaim The Fields Camp

Starting on Friday the 23 August, the third Climate Camp takes place in Manheim, near Cologne. The start of the climate camp was restricted by the requirements of the assembly authority who forbade camping at the meeting. Although the camp is now taking place for the third time, this ban, which is suspended due to the outcome of a final judicial decision, could be prevented by a lawsuit.


This conflict forced the Climate Camp to withdraw to an adjacent private meadow. At the planned location only an information tent and a tech-tent were allowed to remain. The workshop tents had to be removed even though they were not designed as sleeping facilities.


Info about Registration of the Camp with local authorities/police

Here an interview with Tina, in the organizing group of the camps, with new Infomartion about Registration of the Camp with local authorities/police (in German only).

Broadcasted August 19th on Radio Dreyeckland in Freiburg.


Callout for Helping Hands/Materials at the Camps!

 Helping hands needed for the De/Construction of the camps!

From Tuesday 21st of August we will start to build up the big tents and other important infrastructure. After the Camps we will be deconstructing the camp until the 10th of September.

We create the space we need for our camplife. We will set up the tents, compost toilets and showers.

We us the basis of what is there as a foundation for a good life and nice actions.

Call out for Gardening Tools for the Camps

Soon the camps in the Rhineland will start with a lot of people and lots of colorful workshops, but not enough tools yet for all the amazing things we have planned.

Everything is needed, from watering-can, to big water containers, from hammer and nails to wood for construction, from pickax to wheelbarrow.

Bring your used or old tools to the camp or if you want to bring them beforehand, to the squatted meadow ( near Morschenich, Germany.

How to get to the Camp

Here is a map on how to get to the camp from Buir (the city closest to Manheim with public transport connections).

Map from Buir to Camp


If you are coming by car you will have to take the A4 and you should have a look at this (more detailed) map

Also if you want to offer/search for carsharing to get to the camp you can use this page:


We would like to aks you to be as concious of your traveling, and the clmate impact it has, as possible and choose an appropriate means of travel.



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