Callout for Helping Hands/Materials at the Camps!

 Helping hands needed for the De/Construction of the camps!

From Tuesday 21st of August we will start to build up the big tents and other important infrastructure. After the Camps we will be deconstructing the camp until the 10th of September.

We create the space we need for our camplife. We will set up the tents, compost toilets and showers.

We us the basis of what is there as a foundation for a good life and nice actions.

For the building up and deconstruction of the camps we need a lot of helping hands. All skills can be useful, crafty skills as well as creative configuration. We also urgently need people who can drive transporters!

The camp can only work when we have set up an infrastructure that facilitates our well being with each other: Space for exchange, education, actions and a lot more.

We are happy for every helping hand!

If you plan to arrive to help building up the camp or to help with the De/construction get in touch with us: ausgeco2hlt-infrastuktur [at]

Your team of the




Tools, Construction material and a Transporter needed for the camps.

 To make the camp structure happen we still need “old” hand-tools and construction materials.

We need: saws, rakes, hoes, pliers, hammers, nails, screws, old construction wood (also palettes), tarps and blankets, firebins, chairs, tables, sofas, old canisters, candles, teacandles, bulbs, ropes, old fabric, colors, brushes, hoses.

On top of that we are looking to borrow a transporter or rent one at a cheap price, which we can use during the camps for some driving.

If you have materials please get in touch with us! We are happy when we can recycle stuff you do not need or would otherwise throw away. With bigger things, where possible, we try to facilitate a transport.

Contact us at: ausgeco2hlt-infrastuktur [at]

Your team of the