Bulletin 10.1 - june 2016

Since its first edition the “Reclaim the Fields” (RtF) bulletin is a way to exchange and circulate information within the RtF network and to make RtF and its ideas visible where it’s still less known.

It’s usually published after each assembly meeting: it contains feedback fromthe last assembly and an invitation to the next one (the assemblies are the only decision making moments within RtF). It is also a means for the stars of the RtF constellation to share their news: to present projects, share information about actions, spread call-outs and publicise events to come.

If you want to contribute to the next bulletin, please send your text or image to bulletin [at] list [dot] reclaimthefields [dot] org (bulletin(at)list.reclaimthefields.org)


Bulletin 10.1 - the post winter 2015 assembly bulletin

In January 2015, some 50 people from all over Europe gathered in the terrific SUMAC Centre in Nottingham. The topic for discussion: a new year for the European constellation of people and projects determined to create alternatives to capitalism through co-operative, collective, autonomous, real-needs-oriented small scale food production initiatives.


This Bulletin contains the outline and minutes of meetings which took place during this gathering, alongside working group feedback and development, discussions and decisions about next assemblies and camps, and input on topical debates


 on the bulletin 10.1, you'll find :

- news from the European Winter Assembly (8th-12th of january 2015 in Sumac Center (Nottingham))   ->  presentation of stars which were at the assembly   -> feedbacks from the organisationnal discussions and decisions taken   -> feedbacks from the debates about access to land, reformism and radicalism in the food sovereignty, urban and rural ...   -> evaluation of this assembly

- texts about the next camp : RTF-antiprison camp in North Wales  (supposed to take place ) in summer 2015

  • why, for whom and how organizing a camp ?
  • the connextions between anti-prision struggles and RTF
  • info bbout the North Wales Prison Project and prison expansion in UK


- some call outs : Call of the keelbeek ( against a Mega prison project in Haren (Brussels) ) and  for an agricultural and climat camp action : Ground control – Action Camp : July 1-8 near Amsterdam


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